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Services include:

• Consultation
• Project Planning
• Product Choice
• Organizing
• Shopping
• Space Planning
• Recycle Plan


Do you find yourself constantly searching for things that you know you "just put right there"?     

How long does it take you to find what you need when you need it?

Is clutter taking over your life?

Don't know what to do with it all or where to begin?

Let me clear away your clutter and your stress with my organizing service. From closets to kitchens, kids space and more, I'll help you put everything in its place. I'll organize your belongings so they're easy to find and easy to get to.  

Best of all, I'll show you how to manage your items and stay on top of it all. We'll develop an organizing system custom designed for your needs. I also offer a closet audit to help you find which pieces of clothing are working for you and which one's aren't. I'll even help you put outfits together and pair the right acessories.

For your office, I'll help you sort and shred your paperwork and I'll set up a filing system custom designed for your needs both on your computer and in your filing drawers. Together, we'll make your office more efficient so you can stop wasting time on trying to find things and get down to business!


Take a look at how I transformed this messy, unorganized closet into a user-friendly, organized space.


Project:    Hall Closet



Problem: Inaccessible and cluttered. Before, the client couldn't find anything. Items were buried and hidden behind and under other items. There was no room to move inside this walk-in closet!

Solution: Make things accessible!   After, items were arranged according to frequency of use. Frequently used items were placed within reach on the lower shelves, occasionally used items on the higher shelves and unwanted items were donated to charity.

     De-Stress and De-Clutter today!



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