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Spring Has Sprung!

Posted by Colleen Kennedy on April 3rd, 2013

images-2It’s an old saying but it’s true. Spring has indeed, finally sprung! Can I get a Hooray! I mean, personally, I feel like this past winter started way back in September. The Universe seemed to be hurling curve balls at me left and right! I tried to duck, I tried to dodge but ultimately I ran for cover.  I hunkered down, focused my energies, took care of business and….here I am.

Yes, I have come out of this harsh winter with a fresh, new mind and a new reality. Well, spring is all about new life, after all, and I feel renewed. I have a new sense of purpose, new goals and new ideas, (some, even Bright…….O.K., you had to see that one coming!).

Spring has sprung….inside of me! And it’s going to be a beautiful season!

Stay tuned folks! The fun is just beginning :)