Fall Decorating On A Budget

Posted by Colleen Kennedy on September 27th, 2010

Well, it’s officially Autumn and that means it’s time to change your Summer decor. There are many affordable, fun and interesting ways to bring the beautiful fall colors into your home. Lets start with a few accessories. You can look in your back yard, neighboring woods or parks, and apple orchards for seasonal items such as leaves, mums, pumpkins & gourds.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Gourd Vases
To make these beautiful gourd vases, first collect three gourds of varying sizes. Next, cut the tops off and hollow them out. Then place some bright colored flowers such as mums or Chinese lanterns, add a little water and voila!

Leaf Garland

Gather some brightly colored leaves and string them together to create the garland. You can hang the garland underneath your counter or your fireplace mantle.

Acorn Napkin Ring

Gather about 10 acorns. Drill a small hole in each one so you can run a wire through alternating the acorns top-to bottom creating a tight ring. The acorns look beautiful set against this red napkin.

Acorn Picture Frame

Here’s one even the kids can do! Begin with an old picture frame. Gather 50 or so acorns and remove the caps. Next, hot glue the caps to the frame. You can frame a beautiful Maple leaf or a picture from your day at the orchard!

Flowered Pumpkins

This is one if the most  interesting ideas I’ve seen yet. Cut the heads off of some mums and attach them to the pumpkins with hot glue. Place them by your front door, on your stairs or as a center piece on your dining table.

Creating these beautiful, natural fall decor items is simple, affordable and fun! Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!

All photos courtesy of BHG

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