Puttin’ On The Glitz!

Posted by Colleen Kennedy on November 17th, 2009

I’m a glitter girl. I love glitz and sparkle! I love how it shines and gives a sense of richness. Just a little glitz can turn the ordinary to extraordinary.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create that look, however. You can create a simple, elegant look with just a few items.

To decorate an entry table or even your dinning table, place a a few branches of Chinese Lanterns or Winter Red Berries in a brown, glass vase. The bright orange lanterns and the bold red berries  really stand out against the brown glass. Want to add some glitz? Place a  glittery piece of  gold fabric  under the brown vase and let it hang off the edge of the table.  Now add some soy candles and voila! You now have a table that is beautiful and inexpensive. Combining textures like the glass vase and the glittery fabric, keeps the scene interesting. The Chinese Lanterns / Winter Red Berries introduces a natural element and the candle light reflecting off the glitzy fabric adds just the right sparkle for the holiday! Carry the color theme throughout the room by adding a basket of orange and white gourds by the door.

Speaking of candles, make sure to use soy or beeswax candles. Ordinary candles are petroleum based and often contain phthalates which are a toxin. Most soy and beeswax candles don’t and they burn cleaner so there’s less pollution in your home. That means a healthier environment for you and your guests.

I love candles. Candle light evokes a stress-free, relaxing  atmosphere. Try this Bright Idea for candle decor……place three pillar candles of varying sizes on a plate and surround them with some potpourri. Use this as a centerpiece for your holiday table. You can place a decorative table runner underneath for added interest and color. When choosing table linens or place settings, draw your ideas from the colors of the centerpiece. Good combos include, gold & amber, and brown & orange. Green makes a nice addition too. Add a touch of white to help give the eye a place to rest or the decorations could seem too overwhelming. For example, a simple white dish with one colored dish or colored cloth napkin on top makes a nice elegant statement without overdoing it.

Have fun decorating and create something that you and your guest will enjoy! They’ll be impressed when they see your beautiful creative decor. When they ask you how you did it, just tell them you’re full of Bright Ideas!

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