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Posted by Colleen Kennedy on March 8th, 2010

‘Natural’, ‘Green’, ‘Eco-Friendly’, these are all words we’ve been hearing a lot of lately. But what do they mean?

Well, there are varied opinions about the definition of ‘Green’. However, let’s go with the very simple definition provided by businessdictionary.com that states  ’Green’ as “having positive environmental attributes or objectives.” According to another online dictionary, ‘Eco-Friendly’ can be defined as “having a beneficial effect on the environment or at least not causing environmental damage.” The two words are used pretty  much interchangeably, however, there are some very specific guidelines a product must follow to be considered green or eco-friendly but up until now, there haven’t been any for the word ‘Natural’.

For many years products claimed to be natural if they had a hint of lemon scent or one natural ingredient even though they contained many noxious chemicals. But thanks to the Natural Products Association, that’s all changing. The NPA has set some new standards for using the the word ‘Natural’ in product description. Two key points are:

  1. 95% of the products ingredients must be all-natural or derived form natural sources.
  2. Products can not contain any ingredients that are suspected of causing human health risk.

The other points regard prohibiting animal-based materials & by-products and animal testing. I think this is a major step in stopping some of the green-washing that has been running rampant ever since it became fashionable to be green. I hope this gives you a better understanding fo the word ‘Natural”. For more detailed information, please see the link below.

‘Natural’ Cleaners Get Official Certification | GreenerDesign.com.

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